iNK BLOTS, Vol. 2

A Collaborative Poetry Collection

iNK BLOTS, Vol. 2 is the second compilation of poems from the DC Poetry Collective. We are ten poets offering a total of sixty-eight poems which cover a wide range of subjects from from nature to love, politics, history, social commentary, death and more. This collection includes work from the following poets: Anna Lindsay, Dana Gittings, Elizabeth Black, Julie Maurer, Keith David Parsons, Marcia Kraft, Mark Fishbein, Martin L Parker, Rebecca Wener and Vadim Kagan. If you’re looking to sample a variety of voices and poetry styles, this book is for you!

This book is dedicated to the multitudes who have perished and the deaths still to come due to COVID-19. All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to L’Arche Greater Washington, DC, whose mission is to provide group home living to adults with intellectual disabilities and their caregivers.

Lost City Books Event

Did you miss our recent live reading and conversation at Lost City Books? View the recording to hear Mark, Keith, Dana, and Martin read, discuss one another’s work and the poetic process.

Mark, Keith, Dana, and Martin conducting a live reading and conversation at Lost City Books.

Additional praise for iNK BLOTS, Vol. 2 (full reviews here):

With poems from a diverse group of writers, moving through the collection felt at times serious, funny, playful, devastating, inspiring, and energizing. I’d recommend this book to anyone looking for well-crafted words to spark their intrigue or even their own poetic pen – because there’s surely something in this mix that will do so!

—David Rosenzweig

With perceptive poets, a propelling cadence, and great balance between the voices, this powerful little collection really keeps your attention! It’s a lovely book, and a must-read for those looking to get familiar with what’s happening in the D.C. poetry scene.”

—Pablo S.

This is a great sampling of work from local poets in the DMV region. Knowing that they met virtually throughout the pandemic to workshop their writing was an interesting detail to consider as I read through these poems. You can definitely see some parallels in the themes and styles across sections, but each poet’s work also feels fresh and unique.